Living in an Orwellian Era

…Living in an Orwellian Era… In what could now be identified as the Orwellian Era, where the meaning of words is twisted to mean the opposite of their historical meaning, environmental advocates use Orwellian techniques to promote their objectives. The Continue reading Living in an Orwellian Era

CO2 Whack-A-Mole

…CO2 Whack-A-Mole… Americans face many important issues where an understanding of basic science is important. In a democracy, we, the people, need to be able to judge which of these issues warrants our support … or opposition. The mere quantity Continue reading CO2 Whack-A-Mole

Electric Vehicle Sales Report

…Electric Vehicle Sales Report… The following table shows vehicle sales for Hybrids, PHEVs and BEVs for the first half of 2017. Quick takeaways: Sales of all three categories increased in the second quarter: PHEVs by the largest percentage, i.e., 21%, Continue reading Electric Vehicle Sales Report

Wall Street Journal Swings Left

…Wall Street Journal Swings Left… While the WSJ’s editorial page retains some semblance of conservatism, the body of the paper continues to move left, following much of the media. The July 11, 2017, WSJ article on Australia’s energy problems, emphasized Continue reading Wall Street Journal Swings Left

Most Dangerous Word

…Most Dangerous Word… Consensus is a political word, and should never be used where science is involved. It could easily be the most dangerous word in the English language. While usually having a positive connotation implying agreement, especially in a Continue reading Most Dangerous Word

Greening of the Earth

…Greening of the Earth… While the media has been castigating CO2 as a threat to mankind, science has shown that increases in atmospheric CO2 levels have been beneficial. Increased levels of atmospheric CO2 have: Reduced the of threat of mankind’s Continue reading Greening of the Earth