Battery-Powered Vehicles Value Proposition

…Battery-Powered Vehicles Value Proposition… Battery-powered vehicles (BEVs) should only replace internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles if their value proposition is demonstrably better. See, Future of Battery-Powered Vehicles And what is the value proposition that warrants a transition to BEVs? Here Continue reading Battery-Powered Vehicles Value Proposition

Battery-Electric Locomotives

…Battery-Electric Locomotives… GE is building a battery-electric locomotive for BSNF Railway Company to explore how to improve energy efficiency and lower fuel costs. Fuel costs are typically the largest cost for railroad companies. The battery-electric locomotive will be paired with Continue reading Battery-Electric Locomotives

US Navy Mine Warfare Lacks Critical Capabilities

…US Navy Mine Warfare Lacks Critical Capabilities… The US Naval Institute (USNI) has recently featured several articles in its Proceedings magazine and on its USNI News website, demonstrating the Navy’s lack of capabilities for clearing minefields. One headline in the Continue reading US Navy Mine Warfare Lacks Critical Capabilities

Lessons from Regensburg

…Lessons from Regensburg… My visit to the BMW factory in Regensburg Germany confirmed that the factory of the future had arrived. See, Manufacturing a Car is Easy There is no need for a government-mandated “50 state solution” for a National Continue reading Lessons from Regensburg

Government Motors Lives Up to its Name

…Government Motors Lives Up to its Name… Saved by the government during the last economic crash, GM again turns to the government for help. This time they want to saddle the public with a National Zero Emissions Vehicle (NZEV) program Continue reading Government Motors Lives Up to its Name