Why the IPCC Models are Wrong

…Why the IPCC Models are Wrong… Virtually all of the IPCC’s 102 computer models have predicted there would be a hot spot in the atmosphere in the tropics, between 20 degrees S and 20 degrees N latitudes. The hot spot Continue reading Why the IPCC Models are Wrong

Tea Party Interview

Villages Tea Party, Donn Dears

Periodically, I do radio and other interviews. While radio interviews are not easy to reproduce on the internet, my recent interview with the president of The Villages Tea Party is a video with an easy to access link. The purpose Continue reading Tea Party Interview

Keystone Pipeline Benefits

Al Gore said, “If approved and built, this pipeline, Keystone XL, would carry the most carbon-intensive source of oil on the planet.” There it is, the real reason why the Obama administration stopped the Keystone pipeline: To avoid CO2 emissions. Continue reading Keystone Pipeline Benefits

Rearguard Obstructionism

Those who support the CO2 hypothesis for global warming or climate change are poised to obstruct the rollback of regulations requiring the cutting of CO2 and other GHG emissions. Whether it will be Hollywood celebrities crying over issues, or organized Continue reading Rearguard Obstructionism

Dakota and the Pipeline Abyss

The political left is fighting hard to prevent the building of pipelines. Currently, the most noisy protest has been to prevent the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. This pipeline is being built to transport oil from Continue reading Dakota and the Pipeline Abyss

Latest on The Myth of More Severe Storms

Radical environmentalists continue to claim that CO2 emissions cause climate change and that global warming, aka, climate change, will bring more severe storms. Every year, the facts prove them wrong. 2016 is the third year in a row that no Continue reading Latest on The Myth of More Severe Storms