An American-Canadian Treasure

An American-Canadian Treasure   The Great Lakes have one of the longest hydrographic records in North America. It’s amusing, but also tragic, to see how the National Geographic magazine has attempted to use the Great Lakes in its efforts to Continue reading An American-Canadian Treasure

EPA Promotes Worst Case, Scare Scenario

The EPA has evolved into this administration’s propaganda machine. Unfortunately, the media, including industry magazines such as Power Magazine, have been reduced to parroting this administration’s line. Power Magazine, for example, trumpeted the latest EPA report with an article titled: Continue reading EPA Promotes Worst Case, Scare Scenario

How to Fool Americans

When it comes to renewables and other clean energy issues, there is an effort to make things seem what they aren’t. In media parlance, by using spin. Three such “spins” come immediately to mind. Unfortunately, they are from our government, Continue reading How to Fool Americans

Role of Combined Heat Power

Environmental organizations repeatedly attempt to deride the efficiency of existing power plants and promote the use of combined heat and power (CHP). Some radical environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, claim that CHP has en efficiency of over 90%. Greenpeace makes Continue reading Role of Combined Heat Power

Government Money for Innovations

Power magazine recently reported on a study by MIT that determined energy patents were increasing faster than patents overall. What’s interesting is that government money, supporting development of renewables, has been a major force behind new patent applications. While the Continue reading Government Money for Innovations

Can Coal be Dumped?

The Province of Ontario, Canada has virtually eliminated the use of coal for power generation. Could the United States do the same? Before addressing that question, here is the electricity generation mix for Ontario, Canada1 for 2012. Table 1 Method Continue reading Can Coal be Dumped?