Wall Street Journal Swings Left

…Wall Street Journal Swings Left… While the WSJ’s editorial page retains some semblance of conservatism, the body of the paper continues to move left, following much of the media. The July 11, 2017, WSJ article on Australia’s energy problems, emphasized Continue reading Wall Street Journal Swings Left

It’s Fitting for the U.S. to Use More Energy

The Wall Street Journal recently had a special section on energy, in which it quoted Vaclav Smil saying, “You people [Americans] consume about 320 gigajoules of energy per capita. Japan and the rich countries in the EU are about 170. Continue reading It’s Fitting for the U.S. to Use More Energy

Wall Street Journal and Fear

Recently, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) did an expose’ about the dangers of radiation that opponents of nuclear power would have been hard pressed to improve upon. Under the guise of performing a public service, the WSJ created a scare Continue reading Wall Street Journal and Fear

Dangerous Negawatts

The left, in its efforts to use unreliable wind and solar on the grid, has coined a new term: negawatts, a play on megawatts. A distributed generation system is needed for wind and solar, especially where individuals can sell power Continue reading Dangerous Negawatts

Gaming Solar Subsidies

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted how shrewd investors are using government subsidies, i.e., tax payer money, to promote investments in solar rooftop installations. A report published this February by GTM1 research, and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) disclosed Continue reading Gaming Solar Subsidies

Assessing Energy Policy

As the year ends and we look forward to 2013, it’s time to assess the extent to which fear of CO2 induced global warming is affecting energy policy. It’s probably also worthwhile looking at the latest thoughts concerning CO2 emissions. Continue reading Assessing Energy Policy